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Welcome to my new website! I decided it was time to create a site that properly reflects my writing passions and goals. So here it is.

You can find out about me in the Bio section. Quite the thrilling read.

As far as books, to date I have had 5 mid grade Michigan-based historical novels published which can be viewed within Books here. Ive greatly enjoyed the research and historical aspects of writing these books. Im always thrilled when invited into schools to share my love of writing and Michigan history with students. Schools with this interest may e-mail me with inquiries.

However, as much as I love writing for the younger ages, I am striving towards new goals: writing for young adult, ages 16 to 18, and also writing for adults with light-hearted romance. Eclectic indeed! Stretching my writing skills.

I am so excited to share my Portfolio with you! This section offers my published essays through the years, some from as far back as 1995 in the Detroit Free Press Magazine, when it existed. My latest publication, There's a Dinosaur in my Bathroom, is for the November issue of Sasee Magazine (  themed, "Making Memories". I hope you enjoy it.



New Content

New Content


April is here! And it brings snow instead of showers. Those poor pilgrims!

Retreat was marvelous. I'm studying three books on writing which review writing concepts I know but sometimes ignore. Spending some time reteaching myself the fundamentals of writing and applying knowledge to my books. I'm confident it will be time well spent.

Entangled Publishing not interested in PJ & Company. Sending out to other publishers. Three today- more tomorrow. There is a publisher for it!!
I have worked my computer and fingers to the bone (do computers have bones?) editing and revising my manuscript, Sarah's Daughter, which I can resend the end of April for a second review. Here's hoping!

Think Spring!yes


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