School Visits


                          School is cool!

            Welcome to my School Visits page!  I would LOVE to visit your students!   


I love visiting schools as a Michigan author, sharing my love of our state's rich history while addressing the importance and structure of the

writing process.

We have fun! My presentations are interactive at all levels. The writing process of brainstorming, research, organizing materials, rough draft

and final draft is complemented by my books, Lilly's Way, Charlie Boy, Home to Mackinac, and Tending Ben's Garden.  Students become

involved in my research for these historical novels, their organization and more. A Michigan History quiz often occurs at the end of the session

where students of all grades can test their memory. What is Michigan's state bird? State reptile? What about Michigan's state stone?

My presentations offer flexibility. The best audience of my books and presentations are upper elementary through middle school. Having

taught college composition classes, I am capable of creating a more advanced presentation revolving around research and the writing

process for high school students as well.

Teachers may have preferred areas of their language arts curriculum they would like me to address in my presentations and I am happy to do

so as is possible.  It could be spending time on the research process using examples of primary and secondary research I've used in my books,

for example. Or stressing the importance of organization in writing and research. Simply sharing my experience becoming a published author

should inspire students to keep writing! If I can make it happen, so can they!! laugh

Presentation Format

  •  The size of the student body will no doubt affect the presentation venue. I've presented in classrooms, libraries, event rooms, and auditoriums.  I only use a microphone if absolutely necessary as I move about when I present. A large white board or paper pad on an easel works for smaller groupings which is my preference. Technology for larger venues is TBD on an individual basis.


  • Staying in one place for my presentations and having the students move instead of me allows me to keep my materials set up. It's a time saver too! Thanks.


  • 1 hour for upper elementary and middle school presentations works best.

Materials needed

  • A table large enough to display my 4 books, research materials and basic presentation items. I often bring manuscripts, notebooks and the like to show which complement my presentations.

Technology TBD


     At this time I do not charge for mileage.

  • Full day presentations- 4 sessions- $750.00 per day.

  • Half day presentations -2 sessions- $400.00 per day 

  • Should overnight hotel accomodations be required due to traveling distance, (I live in Lansing) I'm fine staying at a Super 8 or the like with the school district responsible for the fees.


  I appreciate payment on the day of presentation by check made out to Kim Cory. I am happy to provide an invoice in advance of the presentation day for your convenience.